Monday, June 13, 2011

Large Fabric pom poms

Here are some of the large fabric pom poms I made. I used the same technique as my pom pom tutorial: Click Here to see the tutorial,

But instead I used a Styrofoam ball and stuck a straight pin through the middle of each rosette along with the hot glue. I made two 9 inch balls and one 12 inch ball. It took about 7 yards of fabric for the 12 inch ball and 5 yards for the 9 inch ball. All together I used about 900 rosette pieces on these pom pom balls. So if you are going to make them, be prepared to have them take a while, but they are worth it. I love how they turned out. :)


  1. holy cow how long did those take? They are WAY cute. You have incredible patience. I love em!

  2. These would be perfect for an event I'm planning. Can I order?