Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Puzzles for Jaden

After spending a week with his grandma and grandpa Parsons while Jake and I were on our cruise, my 4 year old son Jaden found out how much he enjoys doing puzzles. He spends hours doing puzzles and his grandparents house and i wanted to get him some him at home. Unfortunately puzzles aren't exactly the cheapest things in the world, so i decided, heck i'll make them myself. After hours of experimenting, i finally came up with this. I found a cute picture on the internet, printed it out on card stock, pasted it onto some foam board and cut out the pieces. The base is just cardboard with an extra thick layer of foam board on the edge so it is easier for jaden to put the puzzle together. It hasn't turned out the way i wanted it to, but it will do for now until i can figure out something better.

Projects from a while ago...

I had a blank wall in my bathroom that has been staring in me in face for a year now, so i finally took an old hideous picture frame, painted it and painted this saying to put inside it. I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out (the free-hand lettering part), but it will have to do for now.

I have a plant shelf in my living room with a vaulted ceiling and after i moved in i was super excited but also so overwhelmed with how to decorate it. This is finally what i have come up with for right now. Its still a work in progress, (like all decorating right?).

This is something i made to help organize all of my little girls hair clips etc. i have yet to decorate the picture frame part. I think i will put my little girls names in it or something. I may need to add longer ribbons, as i accumulate more hair accessories.