Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tutorial for making a Diaper Cake

Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are wonderful for baby shower gifts, baby shower decorations, or just a gift for an expecting mother. They are fun and easy to make as well.

Tutorial for making the diaper cake. Materials needed:
  • Diapers (approx. 60 newborn or size 1)
  • Cardboard cake plate (or other base)
  • Double sided tape
  • Big Rubber Bands
  • Little elastic bands ( i use little baby hair bands)
  • 1 big baby bottle, and 1 small baby bottle
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Candy to fill the baby bottles
  • Decor if wanted for the cake (ie: baby blanket folded up to go around the middle layer, baby toys, baby pacifiers, stuffed animals, clothes, flower clips, headbands, combs/brushes, baby wash/lotion/powder, any other baby items
  • straight sewing pins
Step #1 Start with a cardboard cake plate. I got this one at Walmart in the bakery/cake/party accessories section. Place a few strips of double sided tape on the bottom so that the cake and bottle will stick to it.th
Step #2: To fold the diapers for the cake: open up each diaper like so, having the back end facing you.

Step #3: Next, roll the diaper up, back end first. This will make a cleaner nicer roll

Step #4: Then when all rolled up, place a small elastic band around the diaper. Little baby hair elastics work well because they are small and stretchy. You want the band to be pretty tight. You will need 60 or so diapers in the end.

Step #5: First take your baby bottle which you can fill with candy for the mom. Next place the baby bottle on the cake plate. Then place a large elastic band around the bottle. Then put a diaper in it. Remember to place the nice looking side out. Keep adding diapers around the bottle until full. (approx 6 diapers)

Step #6: the first layer and first row done.

Step #7: Add another layer to the first row by adding another rubber band around all of the diapers and adding another row of diapers around the first row. Should be approximately 12 diapers for the second row.

Step #8:Place a second elastic band around the diapers so that you can add in another row.

Step #9:This is the bottom layer finished. There should be three rows. First row: 6 diapers, second row: 12 diapers, third row: 18-20 diapers ( i stuffed a few extra to make it tight)

Step #10: For the second layer, do the same thing as you did to the bottom layer, when done, stuff a smaller bottle in the middle. see next picture

Step#11: Second layer should have two rows. first row: 6 diapers, second row: 12 diapers

Step#12: Do another row of 6 diapers for the third and final layer. Here are the finished diapers for the cake

Step #13: I added a baby blanket folded up in thirds to go around the middle layer of the cake. I used double sided tape to make it stay.

Step#14: I then placed an elastic band around the middle of it to keep it in place. I will later put ribbon around the elastic band so you wont even know its there.

Step #15: Mount the ribbon onto the cake over the elastic band with double sided tape. Remember to overlap the ribbon a bit so as to have a clean line.

Step #16: If you want to add a topper, what I did was take a diaper and loosely roll it and stuff it down over the baby bottle like so.

Step#17: These are burp cloths I made and have been tied together with a pink ribbon in the middle.

Step #18: I then took my little animal, three pins, and the burp cloths and stuck the three pins through the animal, through the diaper and then ending in the burp cloths. This holds them all up together.

Step #19: Then add all of your fun things on the cake. I had flower clips, rolled up baby onesies and pants stick on with pins and double sided tape, brush and comb, baby booties, baby lotion/wash and more.

All the stuff that I am going to use to decorate the diaper cake after the diapers and ribbon are finished.

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  1. Your hippo diaper cake is just adorable! I love the rolled look but it takes a lot of time to make.