Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first product from my sewing machine...apron

My first product from my sewing machine, a much needed apron. I am such a klutz, and cooking is no exception. So i decided to sew myself an apron. It could be improved on, but it will do for now.

kiddos decor

i made this coat rack for jadens room so he could reach up to hang up his own coats. he really liked it. I also made this craft to hang up in his "rustic" themed room.

I made these tissue paper pom poms for the girls room. the picture doesn't look as good as it does in real life, but it provides the idea.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

more fun with the cricut

Here is a family home evening chart that i made, and a little something i made for my girls room.

Friday, December 10, 2010

toys for tots

Here is something i made (after getting the idea from Brooklynn's physical therapist from the "Kids on the Move" organization, who brought this for the kids that she works with)

I glue gunned some fabric around a container and cut and X in the top of the lid so that the "toys" can be pushed through. The round "toys" are lids from frozen juice containers with stickers on them. Its fun for the kids to push the lids through the container top and hear the"clank".

"Container play" is very good and fun for kids between 6-12 or so months....(i'm guessing because brooklynn developmentally is around there even though she is 18 months)

Kids projects for Christmas

Here are some of the projects that my kids did for Christmas.

Jaden (4 years old) painted and decorated these frames (also his sisters) for his cousins for christmas.

Jaden and Brooklynn made handprints on these cards for their grandparents, and then made santa clauses out of it. (handprint is santa's beard) Jaden wrote "SANTA" on the outside of his card all by himself, and I wrote it for brooklynn since she is only 18 months old

...( idea gotten from my sisters awesome blog...Yellow Mums...)...

cricut frenzy

Unfortunately i do not own the greatest thing known to mankind..... a cricut machine :(

but i borrowed my sister in laws and i have been going crazy using it! :) Here are some of the things that i did using it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crafty Blocks

I made these for my neighbors for their little boys. I just cut the blocks, painted, sanded the edges, put cute lettering on it and rustic stars, sprayed them with Mod Podge, wrapped rustic wire around one of the blocks for decoration and then wrapped a longer wire around all of the blocks with a star twisted in it to hold them all together.

I made this one for my little boys bedroom. I found a stick and wrapped the wire around it to make it look like a fishing pole and then hot glued it to the block.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Photoshop recently

Projects as of late...

These are some things that I made for my neighbors for their little girls. It has the name of their girl in the frame and the ribbon that hangs down is for their hair clips to clip on etc.

So, the topiaries i made before ended up dying because i think my son over watered them. Sad but true :( So i just couldn't bear to throw them away, so I decided because all of needles had already fallen off I could just hot-glue moss on it to make an indoor moss topiary. I had no idea if it would even work, but it surprisingly ended up looking decent. It actually looks better than in the picture.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Puzzles for Jaden

After spending a week with his grandma and grandpa Parsons while Jake and I were on our cruise, my 4 year old son Jaden found out how much he enjoys doing puzzles. He spends hours doing puzzles and his grandparents house and i wanted to get him some him at home. Unfortunately puzzles aren't exactly the cheapest things in the world, so i decided, heck i'll make them myself. After hours of experimenting, i finally came up with this. I found a cute picture on the internet, printed it out on card stock, pasted it onto some foam board and cut out the pieces. The base is just cardboard with an extra thick layer of foam board on the edge so it is easier for jaden to put the puzzle together. It hasn't turned out the way i wanted it to, but it will do for now until i can figure out something better.

Projects from a while ago...

I had a blank wall in my bathroom that has been staring in me in face for a year now, so i finally took an old hideous picture frame, painted it and painted this saying to put inside it. I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out (the free-hand lettering part), but it will have to do for now.

I have a plant shelf in my living room with a vaulted ceiling and after i moved in i was super excited but also so overwhelmed with how to decorate it. This is finally what i have come up with for right now. Its still a work in progress, (like all decorating right?).

This is something i made to help organize all of my little girls hair clips etc. i have yet to decorate the picture frame part. I think i will put my little girls names in it or something. I may need to add longer ribbons, as i accumulate more hair accessories.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Craft work station

I have had no way to organize all of my craft supplies all these years, and one day i was fed up with it. I took scraps of wood, a glue gun, some hooks, and some paint and whipped this up to help me organize all of my craft supplies.

There is a shelf to hold taller things like paint and a smaller cup/shelf to hold pens, rulers, scissors etc., a peg-board type thing to hold string, tape, etc., hooks to hold bags with things in them, and a place to hold ribbon which is actually made from a plastic hanger.

ABC book

What started out as a basic alphabet book quickly evolved into an elaborate project. I just kept thinking of new ways to make it better and more fun. This is what it ended up as.

Each letter of the alphabet has a few pictures that start with that letter. I tried to do things that represented all of the different kinds of sounds that each letter can make, ie: O makes the Oh, and the ah sound: Orange, Octopus etc.

Each picture and letter has velcro on the backs so you can take them off and match them to their correct picture/letter.

It was a lot of fun to make. We will see if Jaden enjoys playing with it. :)


I have been wanting to add a couple of topiaries in front of my house for a long time, so when I found these two evergreen trees at home depot for only $2.50 each, I grabbed them. They originally didn't have the spiral cut into them, I did that myself, which i am quite pleased with. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Growth Chart

My sister in law and I came up with this cute growth chart for our kids. Just cut a poster board in half, stacked it above the other and taped it together. Then we decorated it with stickers and marked it foot by foot.

Flannel Board

As a kid i remember my parents had a flannel board that we used to play with. I remember it being lots of fun, so i decided to make a flannel board for my kids. It entertains Jaden for a long time.

I cut out a piece of flannel and attached it to a bulletin board that i wasn't using anymore. I used little decorative brads to poke through the flannel and into the bulletin board. I then printed out fun animals, cars, letters, numbers, shapes, book of Mormon/ Bible stories, laminated them and cut them out. Velcro and felt on the backs of the pieces didn't work very well so i used the velcro tabs on diapers to glue onto the backs of the laminated pieces. It works really well.