Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fabric Pom Poms Tutorial

Fabric Pom Poms

These are fun for decoration in the home, for parties, weddings, and more. You can make them huge, you can make them tiny. They would be great to hang from a string at a party for decoration.

Tutorial for Fabric Pom Poms

Materials needed:

  • Fabric: any kind
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Scissors

First you need to create a base for them to be glued onto. You can either use a Styrofoam ball or (what I used, so I could choose how big it was with out too much trouble) fabric rolled up into a ball and then hot glue gunned shut. You can also use folded up socks and then glue gun the opening shut to create a ball .

Above is a rolled and glue gunned pair of socks

Above is rolled up and glue gunned cotton fabric. Don't worry about it being perfect since it will be covered in the end.

Next you will need to cut out 1 inch approximate circles out of the fabric. These don't have to be perfect circles or all exactly the same size, just close. Depending on how big your pom pom ball base is and how thick your fabric is will determine how many circles you will need. I needed about 3X the amount shown in the picture above for the one i made here. (if you keep them squares instead of circles the pom pom, in this case a pom pom headband, it will come out like this.)

Next take one of your circles and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again. The basic idea is to kinda scrunch it/ roll it up like a rosette. Again, this doesn't need to be perfect. You will catch on quick and it will go much faster after the first few.

When you have it all scrunched up, take the bottom and put a bit of hot glue on it.

Then quickly place it on the fabric or Styrofoam ball you have made. You can fix it a bit if you need to right after placing on the ball to make sure that it is how you like. Be careful not to burn your fingers. (a tip: lick your finger or dip it in some water before touching the glued fabric while its still a bit hot. This will make sure that the glue doesn't stick to your fingers and burn you)

Continue to glue and place the rolled fabric rosettes onto the ball. Try to place them close so that there are not many spaces.

A finished product.

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