Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wire Punkins'

Wire Punkin' Tutorial

  • spray paint
  • galvanized wire
  • a large circular object to wrap the wire around
  • a small circular object like a pencil to wrap the wire around
  • needle nose pliers/wire cutter

Start off by cutting a piece of the wire that you will use later. Cut enough wire to wrap around the inside of the pumpkin.

Save this piece of wire that you will use later

Use a large circular object (or small if you want to make a smaller pumpkin) and wrap the wire around the object until you have all of the wire you want wrapped. (note: mine in the picture is not wrapped tight, wrap yours as tight as you can)

Next, gather all of the wire in your hand like so. Don't worry about them being perfectly spaced apart etc. You will do this later.

Then, pull it around so that it creates a circle shape. This will be your pumpkin.

This is the part where you can choose to evenly space the wire and perfect it etc if you would like. (note: i do not have mine perfect as it is just to show you how to hold it etc. )

Remember to leave one of the ends out long like this so that it comes out in the middle. This will be your stem.

Next, take the small piece of wire that you cut earlier and wrap it around the inside part of your pumpkin shape where you were holding it together. This will keep the wire from unwinding and falling apart.

Note: I forgot to take a picture of this next part and its optional, but if the other end (not the stem end) is sticking out awkwardly, you can just wind it around the wire next to it, so its not sticking out.

For the stem part of the pumpkin, take a smaller object like a pencil and wrap the wire around this. You can then bend the wire on the pumpkin or stem how you like it. The nice thing about it being metal wire is that you can mess with it and reshape it and it will stay. Get it how you like it because the next step will make it so you won't be able to shape it later.

Next, get your spray paint (note: I got a brown spray paint with some shimmery orange colored flakes in it, but any color would work like orange, black or white.) and spray your pumpkin. You will probably have to spray it once, let it dry turn it upside down and spray it again, let it dry and see if there are any spots you missed, and if so, spray it once again.

.....and wahlah, you have your adorable festive wire pumpkin :) Enjoy!


  1. This is so cute! Can I ask how much it cost for the wire and where did you get it? I'm Shaili's and Kristen's sister if you are wondering, they told me to check out your blog. Love it!

  2. I know who you are. I grew up knowing you ;) I got the wire at walmart for like $5.00. It was in the section by all the tools and wires/hooks etc. Happy crafting :)

  3. Thanks for a great tutorial. I tried this with copper tubing. I think each year the natural patina will look better and better. I wish mine was as full as yours but copper is expensive. Here is a link to pix of mine:

  4. Love the copper tubing! I think I may have to try using that. :) Thanks for the pics :)

  5. that is WAY cute! Love love love it.