Friday, July 30, 2010

Craft work station

I have had no way to organize all of my craft supplies all these years, and one day i was fed up with it. I took scraps of wood, a glue gun, some hooks, and some paint and whipped this up to help me organize all of my craft supplies.

There is a shelf to hold taller things like paint and a smaller cup/shelf to hold pens, rulers, scissors etc., a peg-board type thing to hold string, tape, etc., hooks to hold bags with things in them, and a place to hold ribbon which is actually made from a plastic hanger.

ABC book

What started out as a basic alphabet book quickly evolved into an elaborate project. I just kept thinking of new ways to make it better and more fun. This is what it ended up as.

Each letter of the alphabet has a few pictures that start with that letter. I tried to do things that represented all of the different kinds of sounds that each letter can make, ie: O makes the Oh, and the ah sound: Orange, Octopus etc.

Each picture and letter has velcro on the backs so you can take them off and match them to their correct picture/letter.

It was a lot of fun to make. We will see if Jaden enjoys playing with it. :)


I have been wanting to add a couple of topiaries in front of my house for a long time, so when I found these two evergreen trees at home depot for only $2.50 each, I grabbed them. They originally didn't have the spiral cut into them, I did that myself, which i am quite pleased with. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Growth Chart

My sister in law and I came up with this cute growth chart for our kids. Just cut a poster board in half, stacked it above the other and taped it together. Then we decorated it with stickers and marked it foot by foot.

Flannel Board

As a kid i remember my parents had a flannel board that we used to play with. I remember it being lots of fun, so i decided to make a flannel board for my kids. It entertains Jaden for a long time.

I cut out a piece of flannel and attached it to a bulletin board that i wasn't using anymore. I used little decorative brads to poke through the flannel and into the bulletin board. I then printed out fun animals, cars, letters, numbers, shapes, book of Mormon/ Bible stories, laminated them and cut them out. Velcro and felt on the backs of the pieces didn't work very well so i used the velcro tabs on diapers to glue onto the backs of the laminated pieces. It works really well.