Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first product from my sewing machine...apron

My first product from my sewing machine, a much needed apron. I am such a klutz, and cooking is no exception. So i decided to sew myself an apron. It could be improved on, but it will do for now.

kiddos decor

i made this coat rack for jadens room so he could reach up to hang up his own coats. he really liked it. I also made this craft to hang up in his "rustic" themed room.

I made these tissue paper pom poms for the girls room. the picture doesn't look as good as it does in real life, but it provides the idea.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

more fun with the cricut

Here is a family home evening chart that i made, and a little something i made for my girls room.

Friday, December 10, 2010

toys for tots

Here is something i made (after getting the idea from Brooklynn's physical therapist from the "Kids on the Move" organization, who brought this for the kids that she works with)

I glue gunned some fabric around a container and cut and X in the top of the lid so that the "toys" can be pushed through. The round "toys" are lids from frozen juice containers with stickers on them. Its fun for the kids to push the lids through the container top and hear the"clank".

"Container play" is very good and fun for kids between 6-12 or so months....(i'm guessing because brooklynn developmentally is around there even though she is 18 months)

Kids projects for Christmas

Here are some of the projects that my kids did for Christmas.

Jaden (4 years old) painted and decorated these frames (also his sisters) for his cousins for christmas.

Jaden and Brooklynn made handprints on these cards for their grandparents, and then made santa clauses out of it. (handprint is santa's beard) Jaden wrote "SANTA" on the outside of his card all by himself, and I wrote it for brooklynn since she is only 18 months old

...( idea gotten from my sisters awesome blog...Yellow Mums...)...

cricut frenzy

Unfortunately i do not own the greatest thing known to mankind..... a cricut machine :(

but i borrowed my sister in laws and i have been going crazy using it! :) Here are some of the things that i did using it.