Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Projects from a while ago...

I had a blank wall in my bathroom that has been staring in me in face for a year now, so i finally took an old hideous picture frame, painted it and painted this saying to put inside it. I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out (the free-hand lettering part), but it will have to do for now.

I have a plant shelf in my living room with a vaulted ceiling and after i moved in i was super excited but also so overwhelmed with how to decorate it. This is finally what i have come up with for right now. Its still a work in progress, (like all decorating right?).

This is something i made to help organize all of my little girls hair clips etc. i have yet to decorate the picture frame part. I think i will put my little girls names in it or something. I may need to add longer ribbons, as i accumulate more hair accessories.

1 comment:

  1. hey I love the hair ribbon organizer you gave me! Thanks. And those tiny little clips are so dang cute! I LOVE THEM!