Monday, May 21, 2012

Easy Necklaces

        I saw a super cute necklace at the store the other day and thought, I can make this :) Its just made out of thin crochet thread (about 10-15 loosely twisted together) and some simple jewelry jump rings. I found two different colors of metal that I really liked and I also found some cute little dangling circles for  jewelry that I just hooked onto some knots.

       All you do is measure out how long you want the necklace and then add more thread depending on how thick you want your necklace to be. Tie a balloon knot in one end and then string on your rings. Add as many as you want and then tie another knot. Leave a space and tie another knot. Then string on more rings. It get the look of other things dangling on it (like the second necklace) tie a knot and then add the adornment through the threads on the knot. When your done, just take the two loose ends and tie them together. Cut off any extra thread on the end of the knot that you just made.

(Tip: To make the threads stay together as I went, I just loosely twisted the treads together.)

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